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My fascination about cats…..

I have read an article about the reasons why Cats make a good pet….. Of course I need to first mention the article by Sarah Sherlock of why cats make the best pets…I’m a little bit anxious in tackling this because I’m a dog-lover too… And we all know how Cats and Dogs fight to get our attention right? They just seem not so adept with each other being “friends”….Though there are exemptions to the rules……The writer mentioned at least 10 reasons why it’s better to have cats than dogs….And I’ll tackle this below:

1. Independence – Hmmm..The author said about cats not always wanting our constant attention as owners….Based on experience, I would definitely agree with this. I have a cat of which I won’t just think of  leaving at home alone not minding I might not be giving him food…Hahahah..what a bad owner I am…That would be unfair to a dog if you have one right?…..

2. Intelligence — Cats are clever and I guess you all would agree to that.. They are great climbers too and a very expert house burglar of food..hahaha.. The author wrote that cats would always see to it what your daily routine is and would even serve as your alarm clock. One morning when I forgot to set my alarm clock and here he is…..uttering his usual “Meowww” voice calling my attention for his breakfast near my bed..silly yet helpful….
3. Cleanliness —. Unlike other pets, Cats don’t need a lot of grooming….By not bathing them, they still keep themselves clean with their tongue as their comb (with the numerous fang-like papillae formed backward-facing hooks containing large amounts of keratin  same as our fingernails)…Funny right? and they don’t smell bad unless if they make a pooh on your floor..hahahaha
4. Affectionate — This I would definitely agree…Cats are very sweet animals…They like to be cuddled a lot but be sure to have their nails cut so that you won’t be scratched when they want to play with you…Aggh.. I miss Chowking, Scoobys and Tasters… my cats who left this world through death…….whew!!
5. Companionship – Although this description belongs to Dogs, I still believe this is true to cats also…They can be a great companion for you in times of loneliness and sadness….By just seeing them play with their tails and tumbling around….it’s a fulfilling sight to watch.
6. Make a house home –.. Having a cat in your house sometimes makes you feel at home….Cats want to occupy a place in your house where they sleep or just sit while you watch TV or even do your own house chores….Just observe..they really has a certain place in your house where they like to stay for a nap of just lying down…relaxing…
7. Affordable — Especially here in the Philippines, we normally don’t like cats so there are a lot of stray cats roaming around…Pet Shops don’t always sell cats unless they are of high breed but I tell you, our native cats can also serve as pets..Take it from me, I have one…and never did I bought one either.
8. Protective — Like dogs, they are also protective. One time I was sitting at our main gate outside our small house and a yellow stray cat just entered our gate and tried to litter, he jump off immediately from my lap and tried to fight that poor yellow cat.. It was good I was able to also hold back our dogs for if not, that cat would have been killed..
9. Trainable — Hmm….this is the most difficult part I would believe though watching the Discovery channel, it is indeed true..Hope I could have the patience to train my cat now that he is an adult one..
10. FUN — I’m a pet-loving person and Cats and Dogs really fascinate me…Just cuddling them and seeing them play together…Just makes me smile…A LOT…..

That is why I’m pasting these pictures I just took a while ago when I visited our neighor house here in Santander where I’m having my training… I’m away from home yet seeing these cute creatures just put a smile on me…You wouldn’t believe me, this is a house just beside the house I am staying where there are a lot of dogs….A contrast of preference indeed for these house owners…One loves DOGS, the other one loves CATS…..Peaceeeeeee to all…

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DOGssss..DOGsss….DOGsss…As Stress Relievers…

I came by an article about pet lovers especially dog owners having a less stress life…..It told me as I quote that “A new study has shown something that dog owners have known for a long time; that spending time with their pet can be the best way to relieve stress”. Spending time with their favorite canine friends are much more relaxing than watching TV… wonder why this family I am living with have  lot of dogs and are very friendly people…..They also told me that no bugler has ever tempted to get inside their house after they decided to have dogs in their house…..Less expensive indeed than hiring a security guard to manage your house if you’re not around….. Of course, I too being a pet lover decided to befriend these canines for my own safety..After all, they too have fangs that can consume my flesh if need to…hahahahah…..Let me say hello to my new found friends —- Kuya Ram2x, Pan2x, Mutya, King2x, Lalang, Tiger and the oldie whitey dog…forgot his name….sorry…..