Thanks for visiting my site!

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I’m Jay Loizel and a naturally born Filipino. My mother gave me my first glimpse of this earth on June 24 in Manila City.

I’m a Physical therapy graduate but currently working in a reputable Philippine National Government Agency here in Dumaguete City. My field actually is not on computers and legal matters but I learned to love my job through experience/trainings and excelled due to hard work. In life, not all are planned and this life of mine now is beyond what I was expecting when I was still in college…Just serving the Filipino people is worth thinking of..Very fulfilling…..

I’m also into Sports being a varsitarian of two sports entities (Swimming and Badminton) at Silliman University. As of the moment, I’m a part time Badminton Trainer/Umpire together with my brother Jon Luigi. I could say this part time job I have gave me the chance to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. Businessmen, medical practitioners, students, housewives and many others.

Anyways, I also play basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis and table tennis. In fact, during my college years, I all played these games in our intramurals and  excelled. With that I would say, I’m a true-bloodied sport-minded individual.

I’m currently the sole benefactor of my mother since the time she retired from her work. It’s very difficult yet challenging and for that I’m still thankful to God. Problems may arise but I’m confident I can still face them with the support of my family. And of course..GOD the Almighty…

Thank you for dropping by my site. See yah!!!

  1. Hi Jay, it’s good to find someone I know is already blogging in wordpress.com. I have read some of your post and I know you’re quite busy, but seeing you still have time to blog is great! I’m also starting up a blog to teach anyone who is willing to use their internet time on earning extra income while having fun surfing and visiting social networking sites. Hope you can visit also my pages @WordPress.com or @Blogger.com. Thanks

  2. Sure vduranji…..thanks for the invite

  3. Hello Jay–thank you for the ‘street life’ like. I had to laugh reading your post about cats. Don’t know if you looked at any other of my pics, but….I like cats. 🙂 And thanks for giving equal time dogs. You’re a good man!

  4. Jay, thanks for stopping by and reading a few of my posts. Always great to meet new people! I have followed and look forward to reading!

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