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Life’s choice

Good day.

I came to think of one item in my life of which I could say made me a better person…What’s that? Faith..Yes faith. This may pertain basically on believing in something you might not see. In biblical scenario, belief in the Almighty God as our provider and redeemer. Nowadays, it’s pretty normal that we can’t trust what’s happening in our world if we don’t see them in our naked eyes right? But how can you answer if I ask you, why do you believe in GOD? This is because of faith. Pretty funny yet true. When we have faith, this would bring-forth miracles in which we ourselves can’t believe would happen. So, are there miracles happening? Are these not all science related happenings? I guess in the point of view of Christians, all things have miracles as to how these have been happening. For those not so inclined with Christianity, these are just normal events the mother Earth encounter. It’s our choice which to believe. After all, it is US who know what we wanna believe. See yah