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A Seclude Getaway waiting to be discovered (L & M Hearthstones Lodge-Nueva Caceres, Oslob Cebu

I have been around Santander, Cebu for quite a long while and never did I experienced the famous Whale Shark watching happening in the nearby town of Oslob.. The place they call Tan-awan would be flocked by hundreds of tourists local and international everyday just to witness a breathtaking experience of being near these friendly gigantic see creatures…

I tried to search for a place to stay if I decided to experience the Whale Shark watching and came across this site …. …. And I knew personally the owner…. At least based on the good reviews it got from people who were there, I could say this is a place waiting for me to discover….. L & M Hearthstones Lodge…..I’ll the there someday….!!!!!

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Activities waiting for you at Oslob, Cebu

a. Whale Shark Watching and Tumalog Fresh Waterfalls Adventures