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Just missing her…..

I miss the talks we used to have, I miss the voice I used to hear… I miss hearing your crazy but cool stories, and above all these… I just miss you!

I ofter catch myself constantly wondering how you are, sitting alone with my mind set so far, reminiscing about your smile, voice and touch, damn this life… I’m missing you too much!..

Those were some lines/quotes I happened to browse on the net…But frankly speaking, I just miss her….These were the pictures I got when she visited me for 30 minutes in the place I am having my field immersion…Dumaguete City is very near Santander, Cebu yet soooo far because I happened to have not applied for my passes by the time she decided to come by and go back again….Poor me…Need to follow the rules of my training. After all, this is for our future…I just miss her so much…..very much…….Luv u LYF……