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SPI Globalympics…Badminton Tournament…

………..I could still remember my SPI Days when I was one of the proponents who started SPI’s first Sports Fest…. That was way back 2005..My first year of being an SPI employee..I started being a Pre-editor then raise the ranks to team leader then Supervisor….Due to the love of sports, a group of sports enthusiasts including me decided to form a Sports and Mountaineering Club and I was voted to be the 1st President……My first project being the head of the club was to lure more employees to join the club for us to prove to the management we can do a project or event on our own…We were only about 300 employees then and majority joined our club…We tried to lobby for funds to stage the Sports fest here in Dumaguete being a new site..Sad to say, we were declined due to budget constraints…That didn’t make us give up…We raise some funds and to cut the story short, the FIRST SPI Sports Fest was staged with the following events played….Basketball Men/Women, Volleyball Men/Women, Badminton Men/Women, Table Tennis Men/Women, Chess, Darts and Bowling…..

Whew!!!!WE have proven to the management we indeed can do things if we just wanted it….with that successful Sports fest….we were given the go signal to stage it yearly with an allotted budget……and to this point……I am still helping them run the badminton event…..Congrats to all the winners!!!!!!!



CHAMPION:                           VILLAMIL/DIAZ (BOOKS/ADMIN)



                                                            ABAY/VILAN (GRAPHICS/COVERS)


CHAMPION:                         TEBIO/DEVERO (SPRINGER)

1ST RUNNER-UP:                  ELNAR/SARA (CIS)


                                            RUBIO/GUZAREM (ELSEVIER)


DOGssss..DOGsss….DOGsss…As Stress Relievers…

I came by an article about pet lovers especially dog owners having a less stress life…..It told me as I quote that “A new study has shown something that dog owners have known for a long time; that spending time with their pet can be the best way to relieve stress”. Spending time with their favorite canine friends are much more relaxing than watching TV… wonder why this family I am living with have  lot of dogs and are very friendly people…..They also told me that no bugler has ever tempted to get inside their house after they decided to have dogs in their house…..Less expensive indeed than hiring a security guard to manage your house if you’re not around….. Of course, I too being a pet lover decided to befriend these canines for my own safety..After all, they too have fangs that can consume my flesh if need to…hahahahah…..Let me say hello to my new found friends —- Kuya Ram2x, Pan2x, Mutya, King2x, Lalang, Tiger and the oldie whitey dog…forgot his name….sorry…..

Just missing her…..

I miss the talks we used to have, I miss the voice I used to hear… I miss hearing your crazy but cool stories, and above all these… I just miss you!

I ofter catch myself constantly wondering how you are, sitting alone with my mind set so far, reminiscing about your smile, voice and touch, damn this life… I’m missing you too much!..

Those were some lines/quotes I happened to browse on the net…But frankly speaking, I just miss her….These were the pictures I got when she visited me for 30 minutes in the place I am having my field immersion…Dumaguete City is very near Santander, Cebu yet soooo far because I happened to have not applied for my passes by the time she decided to come by and go back again….Poor me…Need to follow the rules of my training. After all, this is for our future…I just miss her so much…..very much…….Luv u LYF……

Young Coconut (Buko – Tagalog; Butong – Visaya)

(August 11, 2012)……Nothing much to do today since it’s weekend….. After a haircut and hair dying, I went back to the house we are staying to see little Arnel climb the coconut tree to get some “butong”…These are young coconut which is fondly called “buko” in tagalog….With my stomach full from a 2 rice brunch I had from Manong’s Eatery just beside the Hairdresser’s pit, I opted to ease-up my taste buds of its longing for butong….Hmmm….What a perfect way to spend my lonely weekend here in Santander…..It’s definitely fun in Santander…much more…..The Philippines…..full of natural beauty and tasty tropical fruits and food…….

How I cope-up with Stress and homesickness

Image(July 19, 2012)…….


(July 19, 2012)…….

Image(July 26, 2012)

Image(August 2, 2012)

Image(August 02, 2012)

…..When I’m homesick, I might feel nostalgic for familiar things like my family, friends, pets, house, neighborhood, loved ones, favorite sports/hobbies. Now that I’m away from my family because of this important field immersion training for my new job, making myself busy is somewhat a remedy to me… But what will happen next after the regular 8 hour office work? I go back to the house we are staying and try consuming the remaining hours of the day playing my favorite computer game —- NBA Live 2012….So fulfilling to win against Lebron and Durant and seeing Kobe win over them in dramatic fashion.. The dunks, 3 point shooting and long range jump shots….But that would also make me a couch potato and someday would lead to obesity and RHD….Leading to the worst dreaded Pulmonary Embolism or even heart attack  due to high amount of low density cholesterol……

It’s been a month now since I first set foot in this rustic Cebu Municipality of Santander… They said  this town is full of mystery to be discovered yet I have never been into  those places they considered very famous tourist spots….So what I did was to do some road run from their poblacion up to the fast craft pier and though I never had a chance to pass by any tourist spots, it will be fulfilling to just smell the breeze of sea air and fragrance of the trees within the scenery I am tackling….I would say, this place is something I look forward to discover…Its solemn aura…just captivating me……I’d surely continue my weekly road run..after all, it is also helpful in a healthy way…..Here are some pictures of me road running…….

More Fun in the Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Gee's Endless Endeavors




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Be Happy!

Very beautiful…

Gee's Endless Endeavors

To look good, you need to feel good. “A happy face — the lines are so worth it,” says Ginn. “Just take time to enjoy life. What’s going on on the inside is surely going to reflect on the outside.”

So spend a few minutes reading a funny book or watching a humorous YouTube clip, update twitter and facebook status, go for a walk, call a friend, hang out with them, enjoy a piece of exquisite chocolate or a cup of ice cream. All in the name of beauty!

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