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SPI Globalympics…Badminton Tournament…

………..I could still remember my SPI Days when I was one of the proponents who started SPI’s first Sports Fest…. That was way back 2005..My first year of being an SPI employee..I started being a Pre-editor then raise the ranks to team leader then Supervisor….Due to the love of sports, a group of sports enthusiasts including me decided to form a Sports and Mountaineering Club and I was voted to be the 1st President……My first project being the head of the club was to lure more employees to join the club for us to prove to the management we can do a project or event on our own…We were only about 300 employees then and majority joined our club…We tried to lobby for funds to stage the Sports fest here in Dumaguete being a new site..Sad to say, we were declined due to budget constraints…That didn’t make us give up…We raise some funds and to cut the story short, the FIRST SPI Sports Fest was staged with the following events played….Basketball Men/Women, Volleyball Men/Women, Badminton Men/Women, Table Tennis Men/Women, Chess, Darts and Bowling…..

Whew!!!!WE have proven to the management we indeed can do things if we just wanted it….with that successful Sports fest….we were given the go signal to stage it yearly with an allotted budget……and to this point……I am still helping them run the badminton event…..Congrats to all the winners!!!!!!!



CHAMPION:                           VILLAMIL/DIAZ (BOOKS/ADMIN)



                                                            ABAY/VILAN (GRAPHICS/COVERS)


CHAMPION:                         TEBIO/DEVERO (SPRINGER)

1ST RUNNER-UP:                  ELNAR/SARA (CIS)


                                            RUBIO/GUZAREM (ELSEVIER)