DOGssss..DOGsss….DOGsss…As Stress Relievers…

I came by an article about pet lovers especially dog owners having a less stress life…..It told me as I quote that “A new study has shown something that dog owners have known for a long time; that spending time with their pet can be the best way to relieve stress”. Spending time with their favorite canine friends are much more relaxing than watching TV… wonder why this family I am living with have  lot of dogs and are very friendly people…..They also told me that no bugler has ever tempted to get inside their house after they decided to have dogs in their house…..Less expensive indeed than hiring a security guard to manage your house if you’re not around….. Of course, I too being a pet lover decided to befriend these canines for my own safety..After all, they too have fangs that can consume my flesh if need to…hahahahah…..Let me say hello to my new found friends —- Kuya Ram2x, Pan2x, Mutya, King2x, Lalang, Tiger and the oldie whitey dog…forgot his name….sorry…..


About Jay Loizel

I'm a very sports-minded person. Love to swim and love nature tripping. Very sensitive with friends but will also be very caring and loving in their times of sadness.

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  1. Hello!!
    Don’t freak out and think I am crazy, trying to make you buy into a pyramid scheme or am an imprisoned prince looking for bail money!
    My name is Lisa Hutchison and I have a blog called ‘Forcing myself happy’ –Basically I will be doing one thing to make me happy every day for 6 months. Today the challenge was ‘Make new friends with the same interests as you’! I noticed that you had one of the same interests as me and so am asking you to be my friend! 😀 I know this sounds bonkers. But it would be lovely if you could go to my blog and leave a wee comment saying hello.
    Thanks. Your potential new friend Lisa! 😀 hehe

  2. thanks for the comment

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