Young Coconut (Buko – Tagalog; Butong – Visaya)

(August 11, 2012)……Nothing much to do today since it’s weekend….. After a haircut and hair dying, I went back to the house we are staying to see little Arnel climb the coconut tree to get some “butong”…These are young coconut which is fondly called “buko” in tagalog….With my stomach full from a 2 rice brunch I had from Manong’s Eatery just beside the Hairdresser’s pit, I opted to ease-up my taste buds of its longing for butong….Hmmm….What a perfect way to spend my lonely weekend here in Santander…..It’s definitely fun in Santander…much more…..The Philippines…..full of natural beauty and tasty tropical fruits and food…….


About Jay Loizel

I'm a very sports-minded person. Love to swim and love nature tripping. Very sensitive with friends but will also be very caring and loving in their times of sadness.

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  1. those coconuts look great. hoping one day to go to phillipines

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