Badminton: A good Sports!

Badminton, my kinda sport…

Sweet as Caramel

Playing Badminton was a good exercise. It will stretch out your body. It is an easy way to forget everything. I think so. If you’re mad, you can hit the shuttlecock as strong as you want. It’s really enjoyed to hit the ball continuously. Any moves can do. Any style of hitting will do. You can hit as long you can.

Playing with the professional was cool as your have a match with him/her. It feels that you’re a professional too. And yet you’re just enjoying the game.

Anyone can play it. Whatever place you have, it may be on street or in front of your house, don’t waste time to go to the badminton court; it’s just wasting of money for the rent of it.

One thing that will block you is the wind and sun, if you’re playing outside the house. Difficult to play, the shuttlecock will wind…

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About Jay Loizel

I'm a very sports-minded person. Love to swim and love nature tripping. Very sensitive with friends but will also be very caring and loving in their times of sadness.

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