Year 2008

Hello Guys,

Good day!

Another has ended and I realized I’m a year older now. Of course a year more knowledgeable in many things and ways. A year more stronger in terms of handling problems and a year more immuned to all sorts of feelings. 2008 has brought a little spice in my life. Again I managed to be listed as one of our company’s elite list of employees with perfect attendance meaning, no lates and absences. Of course I would say that’s an achievement I can be proud of for the reason that we work 6 days a week. We only have Sundays as our rest day.

What did 2008 bring in my life? Good question. First, money crisis..hehehe..Duh!! that’s a normal thing to say but I have came to realize that not all things can be bought by money. Gaining friends, care, love and family are just some which monetary abundance can’t match. You agree right? Then sadness…I managed to face sadness may it be brought about by failed relationships and friendships or just a simple failure from the expectations of others. I was about to resign from work when being faced by these failures (work related ones) but I thank my GOD for giving me time to ponder upon them and came to a realization I should face these problems. This was also the year wherein I was awarded the Sportsmanship award during our annual Sportsfest for the achievements I had in the field of sports and the things I made to make our annual fest a success. To my SPI family, it was a shocking yet grateful award for me. Also to my family for being there always whenever I face trails of many kinds. Lastly, to my God, who is so understanding if I can’t go to church every Sundays due to an overtime at work– still HE always guides me.. To my friends, thank you for making 2008 a great year for me!! love yah!!


About Jay Loizel

I'm a very sports-minded person. Love to swim and love nature tripping. Very sensitive with friends but will also be very caring and loving in their times of sadness.

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